PLC forms and help

Want more information about how everything fits in a PLC?  Check out the PLC course on JPLS: PLCs and your department – Making the most of your PLCs,  created for Department Chairs and other teacher leaders.  You can earn re-licensure and lane change credits.  JPLS #100997

PLCs are an effective way to help increase student learning and strengthen teaching skills.  Here are a few resources that might help your PLC group:

If you have a hard time explaining the difference between a map, a guide and a sequence, this might help:

The Quick Version of Curriculum Map, Pacing Guides and Scope and Sequence

The pacing guide template is easy to use and will help you stick to your team’s content timeline:

Pacing guide template

This rubric was to help you decide whether or not you were making the most of your pacing guide

Team Pacing Guide Rubric

The PLC Activity Report has a menu of PLC items that will help you keep your focus on student learning

PLC Activity Report

If you want a brief article to help you self-assess your team’s progress, this is a good one:

One Step at a Time

For lots of free PLC helps, just set up a free account with Solution Tree – there is something there for virtually every PLC situation. Solution Tree for PLC information