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Literature Selection

The Policy: Literature Selection and Review

"The Policy of the Board of Education is to see that all students have extensive experience with quality literature.  The Board is committed to involve parents in selecting appropriate literature for school use, and respects the right of parents to protect their children from literature which they personally consider damaging.  Therefore, the Board delegates to the District Administration responsibility for developing guidelines for administering this policy."

To review the district policy in its entirety, click HERE.

The Literature Selection Committee

To fulfill the responsibilities of administering the "Literature Selection and Review", the District Literacy Consultant oversees the Literature Selection Committees that consist of a teacher and a parent from each of the middle schools, plus one middle school media specialist to serve on the MS Literature Selection Committee, and a teacher and a parent from each of the high schools and one media specialist to serve on the HS Literature Selection Committee.

For each book submitted for review, one parent and one teacher or media specialist are assigned to formally review the book and present their recommendations to approve or reject the book's addition to the middle school or high school approved list.

All committee members are asked to read or research the titles of the submitted books and to share their recommendations with the committee. Once this process is completed, the literacy consultant or specialist calls for a vote. A simple majority to approve or to reject the book's place on the appropriate list determines the outcome. If a book is unanimously approved, an asterisk next to the title indicates that designation.

On occasion a book is recommended for a certain grade level, however, each school's literature committee can determine whether or not to follow that guideline.

Middle school teachers can use books from both the elementary and middle school approved literature lists, but should not include books from the high school list in their curriculum. High school teachers may use books from the elementary and middle school lists in their classrooms but may want to consult feeder middle school teachers about this choice.