Utah Compose

Utah Compose, the new formative writing system adopted in 2014-2015, is fully supported by USOE for grades 3-12.  Because Utah Compose was created by the same vendor as Utah Write, some of the system features will be familiar including graphic organizers, peer review, and the PEG scoring system.  Additional enhancements include automatic preload of students, new prompts complete with stimulus material, new accessibility features, and new reports.

Formative Writing Practice

  • District writing prompts with supplemental reading material are available on Utah Compose for grades 7 – 11. Documents for and against the proposition are included. You will need to enable the prompts for each class.
  • We recommend students perform a pretest early during the first quarter before writing instruction has commenced to determine baseline data. Then after receiving more writing experiences and instruction, students will re-write their essay to apply what they have learned and to improve their essays.

Getting Started

To contact the Utah Compose help desk call 1-866-691-1231 or email support@utahcompose.comimages


Utah Compose Teacher User Guide

Utah Compose Student User Guide