For Principals

stack of books 2Professional Development is available for your teachers.  If your staff members have a specific need, please contact Curriculum and Staff Development to have instruction and activities created for your school.

Currently, the classes below are available to be taught on site. Please contact Mindy Dummer at or x88152 to schedule.

  • Utah Compose: Learn how to use the Utah Compose formative writing program as a teaching tool for practice and assessment.
  • Success with SAGE Tools: Look at and learn how to use SAGE Benchmarks, Interim SAGE, and other SAGE tools to help prepare your students and involve them in their academic progress.
  • SAGE Data Analysis: Using the Online Reporting System and Data Gateway, look at SAGE scores from a variety of perspectives: district, school, grade level, and individual teacher.  This workshop includes students from previous and current year’s students.  Very helpful for reviewing past data and setting goals for the current year.
  • Collections Textbooks: Applying the course support materials and suggestion for using the variety of texts in this comprehensive Language arts materials set.  This will include a visit from the sales representative at Houghton Mifflin.
  • Book Study- Visible Learning for Literacy: Professional reading group – meet several times to discuss chapters and watch accompanying videos.  Principals are asked to purchase the text for their teachers in advance.
  • Power 30: Reading strategies for low readers across the content areas.
  • Depth of Knowledge: Depth of Knowledge (DOK) assures that your course and your assessments have rigor -­- and that your students gain lasting understanding. This four-­-hour course teaches the basics of Depth of Knowledge and gives the tools to make curriculum more rigorous.  Participants must bring an assignment or assessment they would like to improve. It is beneficial to attend with a PLC colleague.

Available Online

  • Extending Learning for Kids Who Get It: Lots of ideas for enriching and extending learning for students who have achieved mastery in a standard, content or skill.  Enjoyable ideas for any classroom. Online course – work at your own pace.
  • May the Force Be With Your SMART Goals: a basic look at creating strong SMART Goals. (1 re-licensure credit – on-line Canvas course, work at your own pace)
  • A Jedi’s Guide to Pacing Guides: The next step in planning and collaboration. (2 re-licensure credits – on-line Canvas course; work at your own pace)
  • Making Your Jedis Smarter than a Fifth Grader: Making your content more rigorous and relevant through Depth of Knowledge. 3 re-licensure credits – online Canvas course; work at your own pace.
  • PLCs and your Department, making the most of your PLCs: This class is designed for department chairs and other teacher leaders.  (7 re-licensure credits – on line Canvas Course; work at your own pace).