Informational Texts you can use

Need some free informational texts on just about every subject?  Try one of these websites.

NEW sticky note Newsela– is a free resource that has all kinds of articles rewritten for different lexile levels.  There is a quiz with each article with SAGE-like questions for your students.  You will need a free account.

Smithsonian’s TweenTribune – is by the Smithsonian people.  Like Newsela, this site has interesting, timely articles written on different lexile levels and you will need a free account to access the articles

 Wonderopolis – is a website that encourages exploration and curiosity.  Each “wonder” has supporting materials with it – vocabulary, text and a video.

This is one your students will need a device or computer to enjoy fully.

Google News Archives Primary Documents, all scanned and ready for your students to access.  A treasure of newspapers, some as far back as the 1700’s.  Fascinating!

DOGO News This one has a little bit of everything:  news, books and even movies.  This site asks for reviews from students – a perfect way for students to write for an authentic audience.  This is a “robust”  online network.  Give yourself some time to explore it if you plan on using it  You will need a free account with this one, too.