Lesson Plans

Learning is requiredBy failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.   Benjamin Franklin

Here are some free worksheets – great for when you have a sub or need a little something else to support your lesson. This website has some free worksheets that might be just what you are looking for.

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Lesson Plans to start the school year:

Grade 7-9 Back2School Learning and Performance Tasks

Grade 10-12 Back2School Learning and Performance Tasks

9-week units and lesson plans*:

Grade 6:   Hatchet,   If Stones Could Speak,   Out of the Dust,   Steve Jobs Commencement Address at Stanford,   The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Grade 7:   A Christmas Carol,   Behind the Scenes,   How to Write a Memoir,   The Giver,   Uprising,   Written in Bone

Grade 8:   Conservation as a National Duty,   Flowers for Algernon,   Sugar Changed the World,   The Call of the Wild,   The Tell-Tale Heart

Grade 9:   Fahrenheit 451,   Hope, Despair, and Memory,   How Laughter Works,   Romeo and Juliet,   The Oddysey

Grade 10:   What is Rhetoric,   Things Fall Apart,   Henrietta’s Dance,   The Metamorphosis,   The Tragedy of Macbeth

Grade 11:   Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,    Our Town,    The American Dream,    The Scarlet Letter,    Undaunted Courage

Grade 12:   Canterbury Tales,    Gulliver’s Travels,    Hamlet,    Politics and the English Language,    The Hero with a Thousand Faces

 *As always, it is important for teachers to preview ALL materials and websites prior to introducing or assigning to students. These resources are here to support teachers with the understanding that classroom educators will determine what best meets their students’ needs and aligns with community standards. The original materials for the curriculum units were altered and adapted with permission from the Louisiana Department of Education. Throughout the units are links to their website and additional resources.

 Standards to keep in mind…

  • The format and organization are user-friendly.
  • Detailed lessons and learning tasks are aligned to the state standards for English Language Arts.
  • Comprehensive units include the use of literary, informational and non-print texts.
  • All units and lesson plans use best-teaching practices to teach.
  • Units include performance assessments of known  and new texts.

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